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Thank you for considering deanna Tee!  If you need a massage table or chair in a hurry or you are not ready to purchase your own, rent one!  We have plush and economy massage tables available to rent.  Also available is our light weight portable massage chair.  All rentals available with carrying case.  We ship nationwide to your door or special event!  Enjoy our easy, hassle-free, convenient service! 

Rent massage equipment:

  • For tradeshows
  • To create a spa day in temporary location
  • To make a massage at home comfortable (you can stop using your bed or couch!)
  • and more...


Spirit Table:  Luxury is redefined in this flagship massage table. Rental:  weekday-$18, weekend-$55; weekly-$95 Shipping slightly higher. 

Avalon Tilt Avalon Tilt Table:  Multipurpose portable spa treatment table with 23 position tilt back.  Rental:  weekday-$18, weekend-$55, weekly-$95 Shipping slightly higher.


Avalon Table:  High performance massage table.  Rental:  weekday-$16, weekend-$52; weekly-$89

Harmony DX

Harmony DX Table:  Economy combined with performance.  A hanging armrest is included by request. Rental: weekday-$15, weekend-$50; weekly $79


Vortex Chair:  Light weight portable massage chair.  Rental:  weekday-$16, weekend-$45; weekly-$85

Used by many after eye surgery!  Insurance reimbursement for prescribed use may be possible by Medicare & other private companies.  When submitting receipt with insurance company ask about "Post Surgical Support Device".

Weekday rate applicable Monday - Friday;  Weekend rate applicable Friday - Sunday (in-state return on Sunday, out-of-state pick up on Monday); Weekly rate applicable for a minimum of four weekdays and a weekend.  Multiple Rental discount applicable to weekday & weekend rate only on 3 or more tables or chairs (weekly rate excluded).  An order of multiple rentals may not be eligible for same day shipping to ensure reliable, timely service.  One day rental rate In-state: Delivered and returned within 24 hours (excludes Saturdays).  Out-of-State:  Minimum of two rental rate will apply.  Rental scheduled for delivery the day before "date of use" and picked up on "date of return" before 6 p.m. per customer's "Rental Agreement".

Here's how to rent your massage equipment:

  1. Call 410.880.4091 (nationwide: 1.888.dTSHOPS) or submit estimate request below.

  2. Tell us what massage equipment you want to rent & how many.

  3. Tell us the dates you want to rent. Please have "ship to" address and zip code ready. Shipping is primarily via UPS Ground, to minimize shipping cost .  Pick up charge applicable for return.   Return shipping label conveniently included for return of your rental.   

  4. We can tell you availability for your desired dates.   You may reserve your rental for a non-refundable deposit.  This deposit will be applied to your rental balance.  

Corporate clients (only):  Although we receive discounts on shipping, if you have a UPS account & would like to use your shipping account we will be happy to accommodate this request.  Prepaid return label must be emailed to us to include in your rental shipment prior to shipping. *When getting estimate using your corporate account, please add "Additional handling" fee for massage tables due to size.  Thank you!


Average weight when packed:

Shipment Dimensions:

Massage Table (Harmony& Avalon)*

48 pounds

39x10x34 inches

Vortex Massage Chair

25 pounds

41x8x24 inches

STOP!  Renter's requiring shipping/delivery:  After receiving a response to your "Rental Estimate" (below), please complete the Rental Agreement (click) to begin your rental process.  A completed "Rental Agreement" must be received prior to shipping or delivering a rental order.  Thank you!

Rental Estimate Request 

Submit form below for rental estimate.  Estimates are subject to change without notice (i.e. due to changes in shipping price).  Submitting estimate does not reserve your rental.  Please include working email or phone number so that we may assist you with your request.   

I want to rent a massage table! 
I want to rent a massage chair!
Please have a sales professional contact me.

Ship to Address
Business Address?Yes No
How did you hear about us?
Which rental items?
How many?
Date(s) of use?
Date of return?

Note:  On scheduled "Date of return",  UPS Ground will pick up rental(s) anytime between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Special request for a specific delivery time is not available using Ground services.  Please consider this when arranging equipment use. 

Thank you for considering deanna Tee™ we hope to service your rental needs!

Remember: Renter's requiring shipping must complete and submit online Rental Agreement (click) to initiate rental shipment.

Cancellation Policy:  Deposits are non-refundable.  After rental equipment is shipped, refunds are not available.  We aim to provide efficient, reliable service.  Therefore, rentals are allocated to customers per their requested dates and are therefore not available for rental to other customers. Thank you for understanding this policy.

Return Shipping Instructions:  Rental Return Instructions (click) 

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Rent a massage table or chair for as low as $15/day (plus shipping)!  We ship nationwide.



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Use Glosssagers™ (or Soothers Massage Gloves) to perform deep tissue massage or acupressure on the foot!  It feels great!

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